This project was initially part of my Visual Communication course which we were asked to redesign the visuals of a local non-profit organization website. 
After the completion of the course, I took the initiative to dive deeper into improving the user flow and information delivery of the website to help Treehouse better convey its vision and goal to the public. 
2019.09 - 2019.12  (10 weeks)

My Role
Visual Design, UX/UI Research 

Figma, Adobe XD, Illustrator 

Team Size
Final Design  
(Feel free to interact with it :) 
Problem Space
Treehouse is a is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide youth in foster care with opportunities and resources to complete high school and launch successfully into adulthood. The current website adopted a good color scheme, but was visually outdated, flooded with repetitive content, and has a poor use flow
Interview with Client 
Before I dive into the redesign process, I reached out and coordinated a phone interview with the Public Relations Specialist of Treehouse to learn more about Treehouse's objectives and target audiences of the website. Here's what I found: 
Goal of Website:  Show donors and volunteers how the program is making impact and how they might influence someone's life. 

Target Users: 
Heuristic Evaluation
I first conducted a heuristic evaluation to evaluate the current website, specifically focusing on the information architecture and the efficiency of use. I created the following site map to highlight some of the key usability issues that I've encountered while inspecting the website. 
Usability Testing 
To confirm the findings I discovered from the heuristic evaluation, I conducted usability testing with five potential users. They were prompted to share their initial impression of the home page, locate the eligibility requirements, and sign up for volunteer events, etc. The result reveals the following: 

01.   Users didn't feel compelled to donate because they couldn't see the 
            direct impact they might have on the youth in foster care 

02.   Users found there were repeated contents throughout the website

03.   Users felt overwhelmed by the amount of call-to-actions button

Based on the findings gathered from the client and potential users, I did an affinity diagram and identified four focus areas that need to be improve upon in order to accurately communicate the mission of the organization and facilitate positive user experience.  
Brand Book
Final Design
Outline how the website should work before how it should look :) 
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